Reader Reviews

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MARCH 20, 2021: Hi Ms. Cooper, A friend gave me “When the Tide is Low” and I love it! St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in Suffolk, VA has a private women’s circle Facebook page where I share daily devotions. I’d love for the ladies to be inspired by your work. Thank you, Gloria W.

MAY 16, 2021: This devotional book is very thoughtful, insightful, and caused me to think about some spiritual things from a broader perspective than many devotional books. Anyone who has spent time at the ocean would get something out of this volume. I have already sent a copy to a friend. Thank you, April. (Lisa C.)

MAY 17, 2021: Reading these words of encouragement, from When the Tide is Low, has been just that. Encouragement! Each chapter offers new insights to God’s word. For example, Chapter 26, Jellyfish Stings, has given me the insight to some of life’s “stings”. April F. Cooper, I thank you for sharing your gift of encouragement. Thank you for answering God’s call to write this book and for keeping the Word! God bless! (Kathy R.)

MAY 30, 2021: My dearest friend gave me a copy of this book for Christmas 2020. She knows I love the ocean and that it would encourage me as we began the new year still in the pandemic. I read it in January and liked it so much, I recommended it to our women’s bible study. About 15 ladies got a copy and on April 13, I began sharing the daily scriptures on our Facebook page as they read the devotions at home. Little did I know that my mother would begin her final decline at the same time. She passed away and we had her funeral service just as we were ending our study. April Cooper ends her foreword by saying, “This book is written to help you find God’s grace, beauty, and majesty one day at a time, when the tide is low.” This couldn’t be more true; it has helped me find hope in the Lord at this difficult time. I look forward to reading it again and sharing it with friends. (Gloria W.)

MAY 31, 2021: “When the Tide is Low” was used as a devotional for our Presbyterian Women’s group at my church on our private Facebook page. Each day’s reading brought some new insight into God’s ever presence at the beach. It was very well written, insightful, hopeful, and spiritually based. I highly recommend the book for individuals or faith based groups who would benefit from the 30 day devotionals. (Martha S.)

MAY 31, 2021: The book was amazing. So relatable and full of insight into the feeling we all share. To know that we are not alone and with God’s guidance and friends, we can rest assure that we will be good. (Carol C.)

MAY 31, 2021: When The Tide Is Low came at just the right time for me. Along with many others the Pandemic presented what seemed to be a life- changing challenge. The book’s setting at the ocean was a beloved and familiar location for me, and reinforced the authors words of support and the scriptural passages she chose. She has a special ability to not only identify the situations that test our faith, but to offer the words and Bible passages that we need to hear. Thank you, April Cooper! (Carolyn C.)


Well written: Reviewed in the United States on February 23, 2019 – This book of devotions is well written and it’s use of the ocean is genius to parallel life, I look forward to reading more of her work. God Bless her, her family and her writing as it will touch all who read it. (Laverne L.)

Beautifully written: Reviewed in the United States on May 31, 2021 – Each day I looked forward to seeing what the devotional would be about. It is well written using a variety of metaphors to make sense of God’s creation at the beach. It was a hopeful book which I highly recommend. (Martha)